Jackie Harding’s paintings are predominantly concerned with colour, together with structure and space.  Many of them are derived from countries where the natural clarity of the light enhances the brilliance and depth of the colour - whether it is sunrise, mid-day or sundown - as it saturates the landscape, architecture, people, birds, plants and animals.

Much of her earlier work has been sourced from Morocco and Egypt and - more recently, trips to Cuba, France, Italy, Spain and Istanbul have provided the vision for sets of paintings which glow in the greyness of a British winter.

The brochure for her exhibition ‘Spirit of Place’ at the Victoria Gallery, Bath, describes her work as “luminous, exquisitely coloured oil paintings that distill the feelings and totality of experience engendered by different places”.

‘Ursula’  Oil on paper

‘Havana’  Oil on canvas,  60” x 36”

‘Istanbul’  Oil on paper

‘Cat, Istanbul’  Oil on paper

‘Dove, Istanbul’  Oil on paper

‘Birds’  Oil on paper

‘Egypt’  Oil on canvas

‘Gulls and Moon 2’  Oil on Paper

‘Gulls and Moon 2’  Detail